Zero to Hero: Being a Good Neighbor

Learning to Be a Better Blogger

The Blogging University Course 101: Zero to Hero Challenge has definitely been putting me through my blogging paces! Today for day eleven we were assigned to visit and comment on four new blogs we would like to follow. It was optional to post about the four we chose, and I thought I would do that today, as a sign of gratitude to my fellow bloggers.

Humor and Quirk

The first new blog that I found today via searching the tag “zerotohero” on the WordPress reader was The Girl with the Mousy Hair. At first glance, the title makes me think of the popular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. This is appropriate because the author is an independent, quirky, and simply lady. The shortlink is right here and I definitely recommend taking a look.


The next one I followed features a common subject in the blogging world of today – parenthood. While I think it is a great niche of the web for parents to share ideas and pictures, I usually don’t go out of my way to explore a ton of blogs on this topic, as I really am not parent. Unless you count cats of course, in which case I definitely am a momma. What stands out to me specifically about Anja’s World are the details in writing about simple, everyday things, the beautiful scenery and locations to be found among the posts, and simplistic display, making it easy to find the Why’s and the What’s of this blog. Check it out:


This is all in chronological order as not play favorites, and the third blog I explored today is known as Schneider’s Lines, found at Short stories, poems, and personal journey entries are what is to be found in these digital pages. I believe the author to be from Indonesia, still working on perfecting English, but there are a lot of great translations of works from Indonesia. The grammar isn’t perfect, of course, but the beauty is in the stories, such as the short story published by the author today – “In Truth I Do Love You, but Only Do Not Declare it”.  If you love a depressing read, this is it.

Sarcastic and Honest

There is not a lot I can say about Hahnara Hyun, because she is way too good at saying it already. Can’t Fit In My Jeans is hilarious, incredibly honest, and sarcastic like, well, a grumpy Caucasian 80-year-old man trapped in a 16 year old’s body. I can’t make that up. If you can handle a gut punch to the testicles of truth (direct inspiration) you won’t want to leave this blog.

That girl on the far left is just laughing it up.
That girl on the far left is just laughing it up.

That Was Fun

It took me all day, but I got this challenge done. Now to post something worthwhile for my own followers.

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