Hello, fellow information seekers! Thank you for visiting and welcome to my blog. 🙂

You may be wondering what reminding your mind might entail. The idea behind the title of my blog is all about self-awareness and living in the present moment.

Many of us spend our day to day lives around the mundane aspects of existence. We go to work without really thinking about why we are there or what we would do instead, if we did not need the money.

This is detrimental not only to the individuals who are missing out on life, but also the rest of the universe as a whole! I firmly believe that we exist in a self-aware universe, of which each of us are a small, but significant, part of.

The thoughts we have, the things we say, and how we behave create ripples throughout all of life around and within us. My goal is to practice being aware of myself and the things going on in the present, and inspire others to do so as well.

Remind Your Mind is about remembering to get back to the essential self that we all have in common. Life begins the moment we consciously decide to pay attention to it. By blogging and sharing my photography with others, I am reminding myself to take a look around and, most importantly, within.

Again, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the visit!





19 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have noticed that I seem to have forgotten to “stop and smell the roses” way too often. We get too caught up in the big picture at times, that we ignore the little things that make it all worth it.

    I look forward to future mind-reminders!

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  2. Hey, just read your post and what you write is absolutely true. I was reading about minimalistic existence a few days back- basically de-cluttering your life so that you can focus on what really matters. I guess if we all started doing away with the unnecessary things in our lives, we would find it easier to focus on the really important thing – ourselves!


    1. Minimalism is a huge component of my life now. I began to undertake it a couple months ago, and you are so right, it helps you to focus like nothing else. I’m glad you’re taking something positive away from my blog. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


  3. Hi… This is absolutely true : “Life begins the moment we consciously decide to pay attention to it”

    This intro reminds me of Chekhov’s ‘Betrothed’, where Nadya was tormented on her days before her marriage — and then freed. And this quote on the story captivated me :

    “… in other words, that life in consciousness should be analyzed into its simplest elements as into the seven primary colours, and each element must be studied separately.”

    Wish for all to success!


    1. Hi thank you for that comment. I’ll have to check the story out! Very insightful quote, it makes a lot of sense to me. Bringing things down to simplicity often requires more work than anything, but the rewards are so worth it. Thanks and good luck to you as well. 🙂


  4. I really love what you have to say. It is so true. And if we all realized this more, how much more could we accomplish as a whole in terms of the whole human race.


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