The Great Age of Transition

The Very Air is Alive with Change

You don’t need me to tell you that right now we are going through fundamental changes via the Earth, humanity, and the new levels of accessible information resultant of the evolution of the internet.

These changes transcend religion, race, nationality, and gender. They are manifest through the subjects of science, art, computer engineering, and any other discipline you can think of. Through the severe weather and climate changes occurring, worldwide discontent with the status quo, and gradual shift of power over to the masses.

The alterations in the fabric of our lives have been coming for quite some time, as those perceptible enough will have noticed. This millennium, and certainly century, is a turning point for the Earth. Theories vary on what is and will be happening, but the main concern is the change is real.

The Advantage of Distance

Realistically, we cannot know the true scope of events and their outcomes for years to come. I remember in high school when we studied the Roaring 20’s, which I found more fascinating than any other time in history, I always wondered whether those people thought of their time as such in the moment.

I used to ponder what we would call the decades I will experience. It did not occur to me till I grew older that the 20’s were only considered so great because of the war and destruction that was follow. The 20’s were a last great hurrah before things got dismal for a while. To realize the true value of an era requires distance and perspective.

For example, September 11th, 2001 was for many years one of the most thought and talked about dates in this country. Media influence was much stronger back then, and the way we consider the situation today is a far cry from the things we think and say about it now.

Thirteen years ago, this was an absolute devastation to the American people. It infuriated, sickened, and terrified us. That is, at least, what we were told to feel. The government got to invade a couple more countries and obtain more funding for the military.

Happening so early in the New Millennium, not even a year after the Y2K scare, the event seemed to signal misery and a dismal outlook on life in general.

Passing Notes in Class

But after Y2K failed to occur and the internet boom took off, public opinion on the matter altered drastically. In the years to come what some consider conspiracy theories still, are widely known to many of the more progressive citizens of the country as facts.

Without the internet, questionable and suspicious facets of the even wouldn’t have surfaced as they have today. I would say the majority of people today have been able to make an informed decision on whether or not 9/11 was inflicted on them by their own government.

Discontent and doubt with authority has always been around, don’t get me wrong, but with the media keeping us all hand-fed and blind to reality for so long, big money has gotten away with a lot in the past. JFK theories have been around for many years, but we only know that now because of reading all the books published on the matter that went largely unknown for so long.

Even as a child, I knew something was off about the tragedy of September 11th. We were too well-informed as to who did it. All the news channels had the exact same things to say, and would not feature anything else. The internet brought all these people like me together, hashed the details out, and came to a conclusion. It was an inside job, and the citizens were the real victims. People began to discuss the atrocities we took out on other civilians in the name of justice. We were empowered.

Spiraling Inward

Since the infamous attack of 2001, life has begun to speed up at an almost frenetic pace. It isn’t that time itself if moving faster, but rather there is so much sharing and information available to us in this digital age, that many things may be happening at once, and we can only ever learn of so many.

A video goes viral in China, and that same day millions of people are watching it in the US. But there are also hundreds of other viral videos to view, so how do you choose just one? Every crevice of the human imagination is coming to life in the vast arena of the internet. There is a niche for everyone. There is a weird fetish for everything. Nothing goes unexplored, and information is the new commodity.

Modern day September 11’s do not happen anymore, because the media does not have the power it once did. The Boston Marathon bombings did capture the attention of every major news outlet for days, as was planned. However, there were also alternate news stations, internet sources of the latest developments, and conspiracy theories being brewed the same day it happened. A far cry from the ten years it took us to talk about the former.

We went from not being able to physically escape coverage of these terrible events, to controlling exactly what we learn about them, and from who. The stories that get that the most airings (Sandy Hook, Flight 370, Hurricane Sandy) do so because that is what we are supposed to be learning.

Terrible events are not abnormal, and destruction is not either. It is only when the leaders of the country try to tell us that is it the case that we begin to ask questions and take a look under the surface.

And so these outlets attempt to up the ante now, going for shock value, and trying to get our attention with snuff-like violence. Shoot up a school full of kindergarteners, target marathon runners trying to raise money for good causes, whatever needs to be done to get out attention.

Each one is meant to be more sensational and to keep us in line and docile, but all they have done is increase our curiosity and willingness to question everything. And we are taking our right to information back.

Mother Nature is the Real Messenger, Now

Barring our willingness to be duped by the government and big media, we as people have begun to take a look around at the world and realize we screwed up.

We have been fighting wars with other countries for outdated methods of fuel, transportation, and energy. Big oil has kept us in a vice grip that we have grown strong enough to overcome. We now demand clean, alternative methods of energy, and we are willing to pay for them.

Social media has taught us respect for people who are different from us, in culture, language, and sexual orientation. If the government suggested invading a country on grounds of suspected WOMD, they might be able to do so, but Instagram and Twitter are going to immediately blow up with posts from citizens of both countries demanding an alternative solution.

It seems clear we will not have a third world war. I don’t want to make claims I cannot back up, but I do know how to read trends very well. We are too close to each other now. In 2001, you wouldn’t see an American chatting on AOL with a Muslim most likely, but now it is common to have close friends all over the world. Hate is evaporating because we are learning the lesson that we are all the same.

So we have dodged a bullet there. But what about global warming and climate change? Things that scientists, engineers, and other interested parties have been discussing for decades. When the government and big industry controlled the funds for research, these issues were swept under the rug by the same people who bailed out GMC and other gasoline powered vehicle manufacturers just a few years ago.

The media giants spent a long time trying to convince us these things wouldn’t happen, but the people knew better. The internet knows better, and we have demanded better. Buying local, fresh ingredients is the norm, not the exception now. There are blogs, sites, dedicated to eating organic and vegan on a budget. People dedicated to taking down corporate giants such as Monsanto and Sea World, determined to try something better.

We are getting back to our roots in a lot of ways. We are learning to respect the environment and give back, to be sustainable, as we haven’t in years. But we needed a push, and the dramatic changes our climate is facing is only to be expected due to our harsh treatment of the Earth.

We wreaked havoc on this poor beautiful planet, and now we must pay the karma for that. Polar vortexes, landslides, and earthquakes have increased in frequency and severity, just as media would have us all believe evil has done.

Fortunately, we are learning, and we haven’t totally destroyed the surface of the Earth, or we would be the ones getting wiped out by cataclysmic meteors next, just like the dinosaurs. But evolution happens, so we do eventually change and adapt.

But I think it is a clear lesson that if we did not begin improving our relationship with Mother Nature, we would be the ones to suffer. The Earth wouldn’t implode if we dissolved the atmosphere, we would just make it less likely that we would survive on the planet anymore.

The Earth is going through an evolution as we are, so the growing restlessness of Mother Nature is going to be something we have to get used to. We are going to find that the worst effects are going to occur at the most populated and destructive areas of the world. The big cities will suffer until we disperse and diversify our inputs and outputs on the planet. But it cannot be denied we got lucky once again this time around.

Cycles of History

Although we have harmed the environment in many ways, we have also become self-aware enough as a population to understand what we have done and to want to change that. This is a higher level of consciousness called Courage. When we can self-examine without self-loathing, we have entered a courageous mindset.

We do not enter into these modes of thinking very quickly, usually. It appears that many lifetimes can be necessary for a soul to learn the lesson it needs to. This is the same with generational reincarnation, where mass groups of individuals complete the process of life, death, and rebirth together as many times as necessary.

Theoretically, I have read a lot of supporting evidence claiming those of us here now also resided in the times of ancient Rome, and even Atlantis. It does seem to make sense to me, because the dynamics are very similar, and we are repeating the same basic lessons that were not taught the first time. Do good to others, do good to the self.

It would seem to suggest, then, that we are no strangers to change in the broad sense. This will be a different kind of change than we have went through prior. Those pasts are fraught with rises and falls of empires, wars, and savagery. This time we find out what happens when we don’t make the same mistakes as before.

Uncharted territory.

Ancient Civilizations

Regardless of what your specific beliefs are regarding spirituality, religion, and origin, no one can deny some of the very ancient civilizations possessed a sort of fundamental knowledge.

I am talking ancient Egypt, the Mayans, and the Aborigines. Societies that were able to map the stars thousands of years ago, build pyramids, and construct enormous stone clocks. It is without a doubt deep truth resided in the very old world.

So if these people had vast intelligence, holistic health practices, and even advanced understanding of the sciences, what went wrong and why did we fall so far behind?

Currently, we are fighting for our freedoms back from the corrupt government we put there in the first place. We are just now realizing chemicals and genetic modification aren’t positive attributes to the food we put in our bodies. Finally, we are beginning treat animals as other self-aware beings. Things are looking up.

But it doesn’t answer where all of the information went in the first place. Why we became so obsessed with artificial things. Let the industrial revolution pollute our minds and bodies, when we had everything we needed before.

A New Age

It is clear to me that the most advanced souls do exit the cycle of reincarnation after they reach a certain point. Is it possible that those mass groups were able to transcend rebirth, and thus we lost all that knowledge because they did not come back, and the conquerors squandered it?

The Mayans, for example. They predicted vast changes coming around 2012. Everyone loved to spew the doomsday prophecies, but it has always been my belief that we won’t know the full effect until years later. We are going through a time of psychological change, not physical.

But these people were intelligent enough to plot the stars not only as they were, but also as they would be in the thousands of years to come. The structures that served as tombs for this society still align the way they were designed to with the solstices, stars, and planets.

And when they were all wiped out by the barbarians that came around next, they took their wisdom with them and departed. I don’t blame them. Historically, this would also be around the time other entities stopped communicating with us. We were only proliferating harm and violence.

The number of prophets and spiritual leaders in this world has dwindled for a long time. We stopped putting all our faith and trust into religious institutions, for good reason. But we are without guidance, and we are learning on our own, via tough love.

The Dark Night of the Soul

Here we are today, poised on the brink of a radical and absolute change of life as we know it. But great periods of transition are often accompanied by not so great feelings.

We see two things clearly: where we are and why we want to leave. It is an essential step to progress to overcome concentrating on these thoughts, but it is the one that takes the most effort.

To implement effective change in any area of life, visualization of the result is absolutely essential. The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life whatever it is you think about the most. Quantum mechanics shows us the mere act of observing something changes that thing.

It isn’t about religion or any other cut-and-dry disciplines anymore. Science used to be thwarted by the church. But now, interdisciplinary knowledge is the key to success in the future. A merging of all the knowledge we have is once again required to gain focus of the big picture and implement meaningful change.

It is essential, therefore, to make the leap from a very outmoded way of thinking to a very progressive and open way of visualizing goals and priorities.

This could never happen overnight, and we shouldn’t expect it to. However, we are humans, so we want immediate gratification for our hard work. However, it doesn’t work that way.

There is a time delay between visualization of desires and their manifestation in our lives. This gives us time to reevaluate and alter perceptions. If thoughts gave in to action immediately, it would be total chaos and pain. Remember when you wished someone dead and regretted it after, fearing it might really happen? That’s our failsafe.

This also means that consistence practice is required to enable the things we really want to occur, as opposed to the menial aspects of existence that catch our attention from day to day.

It is thus that we begin with strong and confident intentions, yet find ourselves getting sunken back into the muddle of the mundane. We have the best of intentions to focus on feeling like we already have what we want, but then something gets under our skin and we are right back to wanting to fight what is, and not thinking about what will be.

I often go to bed motivated, enthusiastic, and feeling like I have a purpose. Then I wake up and it is like I am staring at the same brick wall of life. My brain resets during the night to take up its old, crabby ways, and before I can remember to correct it, I am once again stuck in a cycle of hurt.

The dark night of the soul is the downside to transition. Changing for good is a wonderful thing, but to fully appreciate it we need to feel some of the bad, too. The worst thing about making positive growth is forgetting that is what we are doing.

These are lifestyle changes, karmic alterations, and density shifts that we are going through right now. Gradual, meaningful change that needs to be implemented. The best thing to do is to lovingly redirect your thoughts back to what you are aiming for. But that is easier said than done early on.

Thoughts become actions, which lead to habits, which precurses real and legitimate change.

Fear Not

The first leap is the most challenging. Going from only occasionally considering goals and life purpose to consistently and confidently seeking out results. Remembering why you are motivated and driven is the most crucial key to success. Forming those habits that will lead to altered behavior down the line, when all this should feel more natural.

This can be done by physically writing down and recording goals, in present tense for added effect, keeping visual reminders of what your ideal life looks like, and holding yourself accountable for results. This can include sharing goals with others to increase drive.

Knowing that we are in a universal time of change has a good and bad side. The good is we are more motivated on a collective level than ever before, and we are really going to see the results of our effort as a group, making it more rewarding.

The downside is the various arguments about just what type of change is happening, the differences in opinion on methods, what it really means, etc. The social changes that do have to occur first, that will be challenging for us to adapt to. Letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

It is scary to admit faults, shortcomings, and misdeeds. Often it is easier to just pretend they never happened. But what we don’t say hurts us more in the long run. Unreleased emotions can be acidic and damaging from the inside out.

But dark nights of the soul are not defeated by simply hoping the problem goes away. It won’t. The problem is in our minds, and that is what we need to explore the most to ensure cooperation on all fronts.

Feeling hopeless is the opposite of feeling alive. And I think all we really want to do is feel really present and like we are living.

Change is hard, and evolution gradual. Keeping strong in times of darkness, and protecting our inner flames of existence, hope, and love are the ways to stay on track and make our ideal life our reality.


Right now is your chance to be present and live fully in the moment. Getting in synch with things is as simple as considering the external, concentrating on the internal, feeling the body, and coordinating the breath. It will get easier if you try. Visualize your goals and what you really want, and the rest will fall into place. Don’t get discouraged, because no one is perfect, we are all just working to accept that.

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