The Road to Recovery

I think the road to recovering from my eating disorder of anorexia can be compared to any universal path in life. I have a writer’s mind, so I see things very much as metaphors and patterns and everything relating from one whole. I’m going to use an adventure story for an example. In the beginning of a quest, the main character (me) has been walking down a road of their own making, unaware that there is another road to take, ignorant and naive thus far.
Then, the problem is introduced. Something must now change because things aren’t going so well. The protagonist is instructed where to go and what to do to solve the problem. At first this new road looks quite daunting, but the newness and novelty of it speaks of adventure, learning, growth and hope.

The path is a long one, in fact it is never ending, but the hero doesn’t know that at first. She suspects that the goal will be achieved and she can go back to the road of her own making. But she will learn that won’t happen. This road will change her and she will not be able to go back.

Sometimes the path is treacherous, sometimes boring, other times so enjoyable that she will wonder how life could have ever looked hard. At times the path will be drenched in pouring rain, hot as a jungle in July, or much too dark to see where it is leading. Characters will walk the path with her at times, all sorts of people will be met and those she knew before may come along for the ride too.

But eventually she will realize that others may walk the path with her, but no one can walk the path for her. But there is one that will always be on the path with her, even when she is collapsed on the side of the path, certain she can never go on. When the fabled single set of footprints makes its appearance.

The road to recovery is like that. Always the same path but different at every turn. Steep slopes and gorgeous views, dips and valleys into the land of humility, and life-saving fellowship along the way. Taken one day at a time with eyes and heart wide open, the young heroine will never walk the same section of the path twice.

Well, that was fun. Now back to real life…

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