Creativity and Self-Awareness Part Two

Well written books and scripts can allow us to go to the limits of imagination and sympathize with almost any type of person. Pieces such as Lolita, Dexter, and Silence of the Lambs all challenge the boundaries of normal societal thinking to take our mindset to much different territory.

When we endeavor to analyze the message of a complex film or movie, it is necessary and essential to compare it the events in our past and understanding of people as we know them. Sometimes we find that our current beliefs agree or disagree strongly with an idea that is being posed by the creator. They have literally forced us to think about ourselves with their art, and thus we are, for a time, self-aware.

Consuming this type of media can also be a way to escape self-awareness for a while, although the former process becomes much more subtle and sometimes subconscious if this is the case. It still occurs, though, because when one creates art they are transferring their self-awareness to the subject. The energy is there forever.

It is quite challenging to create that type of art without placing an enormous mirror in front of your face, per se, and then giving your reflection to an instrument, or paper or canvas or whatever is it you do. The ones who are able to most accurately recreate an objective illustration of life are those whose creations people find themselves the most drawn to.

It stands to reason, then, that an honest self-awareness is key to really getting that down, because we all have one thing in common. This is true of every person on this planet, the fact that we all are here and are experiencing this life, whatever it may mean, together.

No religion can dispute that fact, and they are all really primary a means of interacting with and coping with this aspect of life. We know that we live and we can’t argue that our bodies don’t die here. But the eternal question remains at the root of the problem: What are we really, where did we come from, and where do we go after we are done?

You may think that attending a religious ceremony and, say, going to see a viewing from the Saw movie franchise don’t really have much in common, but I see them both as absolute manifestations of our need to understand our self-awareness.

We have somehow come to live in a world that encourages lack of free thinking and not enough cultivation of being aware of our very existence. More and more students are beginning to realize that staying in school to obtain a job working for someone else’ dream to succeed is an insult to their intelligence in every way. Because they are becoming more aware of their own being and sense of worth.

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