Creativity and Self-Awareness (Part One)

I like to write philosophy, sometimes, and when I do I can write pages and pages. I am going to experiment here with posting one of these entries into a few separate parts on my blog. I am not sure if it would be better to condense into one post or do it this way. So this will be just to try it out, and hopefully you get something out of this first part. =) -Liz

The more self-aware one is, the more appreciation can be had for experiences in everyday life. But for those of us who are more distracted there are music, film, and sports, among others, to remind us all that we have this in common. We pay so much for this self-awareness, and spend very little time cultivating it ourselves.

Making movies is for the talented and wealthy, some might say, but the beauty of it is that is not even close to the truth. It just so happens that film belongs to an industry where a fine understanding of humanity and the world is required to excel.

This is not unique to creative pursuits, however. Although creative thinking is beneficial in many ways, what I am talking about is what you may refer to as mindfulness. Being in the moment and aware of our lives. It is too common for people to think that they would be happy if they had something else or if things were different.

But the truth is that no matter what we have or how many events we can attend or places to go, if we are not ever fully experiencing what the present moment has to offer then all of that is a waste.

Conversely, sometimes we do not just struggle for the luxuries in life, but we also go through periods of not having much beyond our own selves. This ranges from those of us just trying to making ends meet to the un-contacted tribes of the Amazon or, more extremely, those in the situation of complete and total isolation. I know I am not wrong to say that some of us would lose our sanity after an extended period.

Most tend to ignore the larger picture at work around them and anchor to other individuals, possessions, or other forms of wealth or attainment. According to Maslow’s pyramid, self-realization cannot be achieved until one has all of those things. But I would like to argue that it can be achieved much sooner than that.

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