Guest Post Poetry

As the title may suggest, this is a guest post of poetry! I am very proud to share a friend’s work with the blogging community, enjoy. 🙂

Knowing Unbound

Light and love can go so far
As breaking night or paling tar;
While hungering for work and rest
I have by love been soothed and blessed.
My smallest debt, if I paid back,
Would leave me in eternal lack,
And yet there comes a time I choose
Life’s candy offerings to refuse.
A moment comes sometimes I’ve found
I’ve wandered far from where I’m bound;
I’ve lost my key, and can’t begin,
And chance shows me a place within
With which no blessing can contend,
A certain silent somehow friend.

There no question lingers low
Beneath a thin, too early snow;
No clouded moonlight can obscure
A night no dawn can make impure;
Not earth’s turning well rehearsed,
Or the urge the universe had first.
There no question “why” or “how”
Is posed to everlasting now;
But those words are uttered still,
Without prospect, aim or will;
Gratitude in wanting’s guise,
No one listening, no replies.

And yet when singing calls insist,
That empty waiting can’t resist,
For there so must be beasts and men
That crawl about the earth again
That through the root chaotic sprawl,
It breaks their sleep and heeds the call.
No dear clasped calm waiting silence
Holds long against the fated violence.
Perhaps there is a God somewhere
Whose only universe is air;
There space is empty and serene;
No monster charts the earthly scene;
The flying cosmos goes unmapped;
The gift of life is left unwrapped.
But where our primal kingdom waits,
Eyes rose up and gave it gates,
And perfect love has made us Hell
That love may be our sentinel.

May our gates be all unguarded,
May we be peacefully departed,
And forever as we come and go,
May there be love we never know.


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