More Poetry

Since my last post of poetry garnered a lot of good feedback, I figured I would treat you all with some more, and give me a chance to keep working on my other stuff and share something that I have already written. I hope you like it. This is from March when I spent a night in Boston. I was not sleeping or eating regularly so you get to take a look into my sleep and food deprived brain. Enjoy!

I can feel the hum of self-awareness,
And the gathering of many thoughts.

Clouds of discontent, desperation, and even madness
Cross over head, while resolutely
The sun shines on,
Reflecting brilliant diamonds of light.

Man-made structures are weeds in the landscape of life.
The majestic oceans and mountains remain unconquerable to us,
Where some of the wisest beings on this planet dwell
And look onto us with the compassion and understanding
To know that we are naïve and stuck in karmic cycles.
But an age of empowerment approaches.

Mental shackles will be thrown aside,
For higher realities we shall enter as a whole people.

Karma is being restored.
What is done will be undone.

Awakening is only the first step in a series,
But one of the most important by far.

The only path that shall be taken now
Is the one of love.

Letting go of the past and forgetting regret.

This life is but an illusion, accepted as such on the grounds
Of learning and growth, schooling us in the ways of
Compassion and humiliation.

The time has come for admitting that we are all one
And there is no separation of identity.

The beauty of life is striking, yet it fades
In the time it takes to have a dream of something better.
The better is here, feeling it is the endeavor.

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