Bipolar Poetry


Today is a beautiful,

Glorious day.


No clouds in my skies,

So forget what’s outside.

Don’t even mention no rain,

To fall

On my parade.


A renegade.

Who am I

To dare to dream,

Then act upon those things?


I am just one.

One of so many.

So many,

Yet One.


This life

That I’ve barely begun.

It’s so precious.

Never let it go to waste.



Today I don’t feel so well.

I haven’t got myself.


My parents made me want to die,

Made me want to kill myself.


What in the world is fun supposed to be?

I don’t know it, never met it,

And it sure don’t want me.


What is the point of feeling alive,

If the very next day you are crying inside?


I’m fucking sick of this fucking shit.

The depression is unrelenting,

My head is never empty.


I don’t want to feel like this!

Like vomit or shit,

Or bile or piss.




Part of me is so used
To being abused.

It fits like a noose.

I feel there’s nothing left to lose.


A bipolar roller coaster.

A fork in the toaster.


Misled, misused, and never

In the mood

To play all these games.


Two months of toxin.

Two years of freedom.

Twenty two of misery.

Demons that just won’t break free.

Lessons that will come haunt me.


Go ahead,

Make me feel ugly.

Make me feel hateful.

Stomp out my heart,

It’s merely a piece of art.

To hide my gaping whole.

You stole my soul.

Loss of control


Glued to my bed.

Asleep in my head.

Answers unseen and
Delivered in dreams.


But I always wake up.

In this sad world.

I once used to care,

But I’m so full of hurt.


May I lay in the dirt?


Just for a night.

Can I shut off my brain,

Before it drives me insane?


My life is a cage.

I can’t reach the door,

I’m enraged.


What more is the same?

It’s been like this for days.

I just want to die.

Alone with my lies
About my life and my sight.


I could pretend everything’s alright.


Isn’t it?


Isn’t it alright?

6 thoughts on “Bipolar Poetry

  1. this is a good piece here Liz;) really. I am going to write something now, on my blog, in a sort of response [?] to this? not in a mean way, i just feel inspired to write something because of your piece – i am feeling positive, and have something to say!;D This for writing this – hope you are doing well!


    1. actually, I don’t have anything to write – I thought I did, but I don’t…i’m not joking around: i really did think I had something…but i don’t. meh, c’est l vie – it is all right. life goes on;)


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