Writing 101, Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

Paint a word picture of a public place without using adverbs.

The office is about ten by fifteen feet in dimension, in my opinion. Where I sit at the desk I am facing outward toward the white doors that lead outside, to the hallway, and to the studio, the latter of which functions as a room for yoga and tai chi.

Although the ceiling and floor are reminiscent of an industrial office, with the same white paneling and scrubby blue carpet, the rest of the room is designed with Indian and Eastern decor, prints, cloth, trinkets, and an emphasis on bright lighting and a relaxing atmosphere.

What I like most about the room is the very large, square window that is across from me and a few feet up, stretching to the ceiling. I can see the beautiful blue skies and green leaves of the trees outside beyond the panes. My other favorite feature is the small bookshelf next to me, featuring three rows of tomes about yoga, meditation, and happiness.

The walls in the office are all marigold, save for the deep warm red of the one directly behind me, with a white trim. The furniture is comfortable and efficient, including a pastel colored sofa, a couple of wooden tables, a rocking chair, a few folding ones, and the office chair that I rest on now.

The color schemes present are soothing to my eyes, and the room feels bright with a wonderfully positive energy. I am feeling fortunate to be able to spend a few hours in the yoga center, volunteering in exchange for classes. It is an amazing day, and I feel serene.

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