Writing 101, Day 3: Three Songs

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

I write every day, but I did not always. The first song I want to write about reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, one of the most honest individuals I’ve ever met. He was messy and not afraid to be, and he was the one who brought me back to writing again after I strayed from it for so long. He is the reason you are reading these words now, and not some other unspecified time in the future.

It was a clear night, too clear apparently, because I spotted a UFO in the sky. I’d like to say it was the first one I had ever seen, but I tend to stray away from firsts because even I can’t really be sure.

I was going out to pick up from my dealer, who lived across town from me at the time. On the way there, I could not stop looking at the sky, and this one particular twinkling star. It was so bright and kept seeming to change colors.

I drove, hunched over the steering wheel, keeping my prize in sight as it moved across the sky. I was almost at the forespoken of house that my front right tire ran over a knife-sharp concrete curb, gashing it open and flattening it almost at once.

For hours I waited with my connect, watching an entire season of some show that I cannot recall at this time now. My boyfriend at the time showed up after a few hours, tried to jack the car up, and stayed the whole time I waited for AAA and then some.

It was a crappy night, but one that has never strayed too far from my memory in the past two years or so, because of certain elements. The UFO, the comfort I was given, and the beautiful song that was played for me.

While I waited in his car for a few minutes, my boyfriend put on a song that he had been listening to a lot lately. Before he left, he told me he wrote the song for me. Obviously, this wasn’t true, but he intended it to mean the words rang that true to him.

It is called Crush’d by Say Anything, his favorite band, and now one of my own. The song speaks of a simple love by a complicated person, which is what I believe we had for too short of a time. Although most of mine and his relationship was unhappy, this song still reminds me of the good that was there in the beginning, and the potential that lasts for such a short time, but that is so sweetly enjoyed and reminisced on.

The second song that is standing out in my mind right now is Counting Stars by One Republic, because it is one that speaks from beginning in a low place and ending in a high one. From being materialistic, to becoming spiritual, the main point of the song is going from counting dollars to counting stars, instead.

The last song is Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys, because I feel strongly about feminine power and the change I want to make happen in the world

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