Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

Okay, so 20 minutes starts now. I can already tell this is going to be a challenge (ahem) for me, because I am never short-winded and I when I start writing, I generally keep writing.

However, I am so thrilled to be taking another 101 class with everyone! Just Blogging 101 changed my blogging game so much, and I only managed to do about half of it. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Eventually I’ll probably finish both that one and Blogging 201. The beauty of the challenges is that you can do them or redo them whenever you want.

This one is about storytelling, which I don’t think I knew when I originally signed up for it. Or perhaps I forgot.

I have begun about four novels, two short stories, and one script in my writing time. But as anyone who wants to tell stories knows, starting is the easy part. Finishing is the challenge.

Right now I am working on beginning, continuing, and completing a story that I have had in my mind for a long time.

It began as a novel, but with a totally different focus. Now I am going to see if I can make it work as a short story, from a different character’s point of view.

The thing with storytelling, and all writing, I am finding, is that the words don’t necessarily come from myself.

Many who practice art of any form have been found to believe that their talents and skills are not entirely of their own design.

Rather, my writing has improved when I consider myself simply an instrument transcribing ideas from the very source of humanity itself.

For example, everything I write, say, or do has been very much influenced in by the people I have interacted with and spent time with.

No idea is original, and creativity is, as today’s quote stated, simply a filtering of different components through different minds.

When I consider myself to be a medium between humanity, spirit, and truth, then I don’t worry about saying the wrong thing, or getting blocked by the perfectionistic attitude that used to thwart my creative attempts.

The words are not inherently my own, nor the ideas or the humanity that gives me drive to write about.

When I begin writing in this stream of consciousness way, eventually my own thoughts and ideas will be dispelled upon the page, woven through the things that I am being inspired to say.

If you have never heard of automatic writing, I suggest you look this up.

We are all becoming innately aware of the divine inside of ourselves, that which some may call God, others refer to it as Spirit or Source.

Regardless, no single one of us humans on this planet is responsible for making sense of everything.

But when I begin to at least try in some way to do so, the answers will come through me.

If I trance or channel spirit, if I meditate before I write, or do it mindfully, it is not me talking primarily anymore.

I am the instrument.

Those who do not believe in a higher power usually find themselves lost. Spiritual illness is a real disease. When we are unconnected to that source, that energy that all of us are borne from, there is no point to life. None at all.

When we consciously admit to ourselves, however, that we are not supposed to make sense of the grand scheme of life in our humanity, and accept where we are and why, things start to make sense.

Life is not random, and it certainly is not meaningless. Yet with the mundane, humdrum reality of some folks, it can seem that way.

When you live in a penthouse surrounded by beautiful things, the light pollution from humanity is going to always be too much for you to see the stars.

What is the purpose? Money, fame, fortune?

Not one of those things will bring you happiness.

Happiness may bring you those things, if that is your path, but when you are at one with self and the universe, those are just side effects. Just side effects of the greater whole, which is being part of something bigger than yourself.

If you believe it is your responsibility to be the biggest, the best, the shiniest thing around, then you are going to be a very lonely individual.

We are all the same. One soul, one consciousness, one being. The sooner we realize that, the sooner things change. Image

3 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

  1. I actually thought about meditating before writing my stream of consciousness to at least try to empty my mind. I’m not trained enough to actually stop thinking though – but I love the idea of trance and transcendence that you invoke here! When I read Tarot, especially for others, I always feel like I’m just a sort of vessel for the message that The Energy is trying to convey. I never thought about being that vessel in my writing – lovely thought. Maybe I should try earthing myself and invoking the energies myself next time. Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Hi Julie, thanks so much for the comments! I’m really pleased to hear you understand what I am saying with those things, I haven’t spoken of too much before of the energy work that I do, so it is great to get some feedback on that! Nice to hear that you read Tarot, as well, I am a big fan. I actually did a Taro-inspired drawing a couple days ago using that same method with being a vessel, and I found myself actively reading the drawing after I was done, just like if it has been a card. I think you would get a lot out of approaching as many things as you can in that way. It takes the pressure off, too! 🙂 Thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

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