A List of Steps to Success or to Failure

The Steps Between Me and Utter Failure

  1. Not working on my eating disorder or letting it get the best of me
  2. Not writing nor publishing anything new
  3. Forgetting to meditate and communicate with my higher power
  4. Letting myself become less active and forgoing exercise
  5. Not spending adequate time outside or with animals
  6. Arguing with my family and being codependent
  7. Letting others determine where my life will lead me
  8. Not taking my medications or messing around with them
  9. Letting myself get caught up in some relationship or person more than myself
  10. Isolating myself from people and meaningful connections

The Steps Between Me and Total Success

  1. Writing as much as possible, whenever the inspiration strikes, publishing all I can, and getting my work seen by others
  2. Creating streams of passive income or ways for me to live the life I want (ie to travel, explore, adventure, learn) without having to feel like I am working for a living
  3. Keeping my life as simple and minimal as humanely possible. Retaining great ability to live in the present, to focus, to accept everything as it is.
  4. Concentrating on the spiritual path and journey that has been laid out in front of me to follow and commit to
  5. Communicating with my higher power and spirit/spirit guides via meditation, trance, presence, gratitude, and love
  6. Reaching out to others with similar interests and views as my own. Surrounding myself with people who will inspire me to be a better person, but also support me to only be the one that I am today and always. To be comfortable in my own skin
  7. Spending as much time as I possibly can amidst the purity and love inherently found in nature and within animals
  8. Practicing the art and skill of unconditional love, as it applies to family, friends, myself, and in the world around me.

Inspired by http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/list-lesson/#comment-371918

17 thoughts on “A List of Steps to Success or to Failure

  1. I love that you wrote two lists. I think most people only write the second part, but it is important to identify your own personal signs of failure so you will be able to stop things from moving in that direction. Good luck to you! 🙂


    1. Thanks for your thoughts and the good luck! I deeply enjoyed looking in each direction, at the two paths that are always laid out in front of me. To grow or to stagnate, I suppose, and as you said, it’s important to note what could happen if we let it. 🙂


  2. I thought I ‘Liked’ this before because your comment was one of those I read before taking the wkly writing challenge seriously. I especially liked the comment you made that your having two less steps to success than failure meant that you were on the right track. Awesome view and congrats on success.


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