Why I Blog

I think a big part of life is having the drive to undertake a task without entirely knowing why it is right. It’s a feeling. I know a big part of why I blog is for emotional release and self-examination. Thoughts in my own head are not concrete unless spoken or written down. I have therapy for the speaking of thoughts, but writing is something that must be done on my own time.

One of the things I love about blogging is similar to what I get out of Instagram or other social media sites. I find it fascinating that absolutely anyone in any location in the world can post a thought, a picture, or a message that can then be received and viewed by anyone in any other location. We live in a world of total interconnectedness, and a huge component of my wanting to blog is  the desire to be part of that, and give back to all those who share.

Not only is the goal to share for me, but also to be a source of truth for others. Prior to the internet, humans had to rely on media and public leaders to be told what to believe and what not to. There have always been those that disagreed with the opinion of the few. For example, remember the discontent over the Watergate scandal and our involvement in the Vietnam War.

Movements have originated around the world over various problems people have seen. Martin Luther King Jr and his march on Washington. Or the difficulties in obtaining women’s suffrage rights. Imagine how much quicker we could have resolved those issues as a people if the internet had existed then. If everyone could share their own truths and encourage others to develop their own sense of reality.

The internet and the connection we share with our fellow humans as a result of it has altered the landscape of communication permanently. The power is now ours to decide what we will talk about, who we will interact with, and what causes we will hold dear to our hearts. We decide what we will accept as truth, each of us, and my truth is manifest through what I say in my blog.

It is becoming a belief by modern physicists that in the near future humans will be able to talk to each other through thought alone. Those who believe in a fourth density shift (such as David Wilcock) also subscribe to this future of total mind connection. We are moving closer to the one mind that we all share, a collective consciousness. The internet is the forerunner of this event. We are becoming linked by our thoughts like never before.

No longer do we have to rely on politics or big media to tell us how life is going to be. We are in a unique position that hasn’t occurred in the thousands of years that humans have existed. We are entering a new era of thought. A new era of life. And I blog because I want to be a part of that, wholeheartedly. I am a part of the people, we all are now. One collective mind fueled by the thoughts of many individuals. And I am so proud and excited to live in this time.

This is why I blog.

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