Passive Income

This is me being accountable for a goal that I am achieving. My goal is I am successfully creating a new stream of passive income by June 30, 2014, that generates at least $50 per month on average and endures a minimum of three years, and I’m doing this in a way that benefits others along their journey of self-awareness.

By posting this goal on my blog for anyone to see, I am ensuring that my goal becomes a part of my life and I remain accountable for seeing it through. If I fail to make good on this goal I am pledging to attend my parents’ church for four Sundays in a row. This is something that I would be quite unhappy doing, and it would also be uncomfortable for me, as I have not gone since the age of 16 or 17.

Now, the proper motivation is in place. I have posted my goal on my wall right by the door, so I will see it each time I leave my room. This post was inspired by Steve Pavlina of I encourage anyone to check out his website.

3 thoughts on “Passive Income

  1. thanks for the inspiration – I completely forgot this site; I had an art business years ago with my then wife (ugh), I did the art, and she did the ‘paperwork/office/technical stuff’. we used sbi – it’s awesome. Thanks again for the post – I’m doing SBI/getting the art business/webpage started. Kudos Liz;)


    1. Hi Jason, thanks for the comment! I am going to go with SBI I think as well, and I am glad to hear it worked well for you. I appreciate the read, and good luck with your business!


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