The Evolution of Us

Ignorance is Bliss?

Human history can be compared to a recess session of very unruly grade-schoolers. After the staff (Earth) spent so much time rebuilding from the last school year (recovering from the impact of the dinosaurs’ infamous demise), they were treated to the children promptly attempting to control what does not belong to them, and squabbling amongst themselves over who had the most toys.
The teachers are trying desperately to break everything up, and get these kids back to their senses, forgetting that they are too inexperienced to recognize right from wrong. Eventually, the school nurse is the one who has to patch everything up.

OCT 17 2010Edit050
Just like this, but with way more destruction.

Every following school year these same children will have recess, and each time get a little closer to understanding the fact that when they treat each other so disrespectfully they are only hurting themselves and wasting time as a class. They learn that each individual makes up the whole, and each individual’s choice changes the behavior of the overall group.

Well, I Guess This is Growing Up

The time will come that the students become young adults and, having leapt the hurdle of self-respect, are strong enough to admit that they were wrong in the past, and hurt many other people. But because they have self-love, it is also possible to admit the wrong while still knowing they are good people. As adults, they will learn to make different choices and change the way they interact.

That's what happens when you roll down hills like a maniac.
That’s what happens when you roll down hills like a maniac.

We have taken that collective journey over thousands of years, through cycles of history and reincarnation that sync up to ensure we learn the crucial lessons. And we are in a sensitive point of time. Right on the cusp of acknowledging our various wrongs against Earth and others, but also holding on to that part of us that is scared because we fear our bad actions made us bad people. Fortunately, demons cannot survive the light.

And are those loving mentors going to turn these reformed adults away when they come back to made amends, disappointed at the way they acted as children, unable to grant forgiveness? Hell, no. Through everything they only loved us and knew that they could help where possible, but ultimately we would have to learn our lessons through suffering. It is only where we inflicted our own misery upon ourselves that they hurt as well. Hurt for us, not because of us.

It's like trying to be mad at this destructive, yet adorable, puppy.
It’s like trying to be mad at this puppy who definitely just ate your favorite pair of shoes.
New Beginnings

We have gone from some very primitive times to arrive at the destination we are experiencing right now. Life used to be the Crusades and dying for others, legal slavery, and those awful atomic bombs. Humanity slaughtered a variety of the amazing creatures that gave us such a beautiful world to live in. We destroyed for so long and so hard, that the evolution of going from a child to an adult mindset has taken terribly long.

And a large part of us is feeling quite guilty for the damage we have done to the Earth and to each other. At this point people range on a spectrum of treehugger to being stuck in old ways. I think the latter group will take most of those traditions to the grave with them. The collective mindset is changing, and many of us are confident enough to say that our beautiful Earth will certainly, and already is, accepting us back with open arms.

Hey, I'm down here!
Yup, I think that’s just about the right size for our new dining room table.

Sure, there will always be people who believe the apocalypse is coming and that Dennis Quad might have to come rescue us from the library in Manhattan, where we are stranded with Jake Gyllenhaal. Or is that just me? But even that one had a happy ending, because everyone who was left knew not to fuck with Mother Nature anymore. And don’t even get me started on The Happening.

We may have just narrowly missed a scenario like that. Or possibly this change has always been our future. To admit we were wrong, but that we are not terrible and irredeemable. That we can do better, and there is no shame in admitting that. Compare how many people believed in hell a hundred years ago to now. If that isn’t evolution, I don’t know what is.

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