Three Coins in a Fountain


Three coins in the fountain,
Whiskey in the jar.
A subtle way with words
And a thinly veiled scar.

One may argue
That we’re only lost
When we don’t pay
Enough attention

To where we really are.

Is it he who is wise,
When he knows
He knows nothing at all?

What is perceived to be,
Affects reality to some degree.

A self aware universe.
A beautiful gift,
But a wicked curse.
We feel the best
And experience the worst.

Time will tell where we can go,
A future of infinite possibilities to unfold. 
But nothing will ever be better than
The current moment to behold.

I want you to give me your hand,
I’ve learned the hard way, though,
Love isn’t something to demand.

We must give love to get it,
Starting with oneself.
It’s not something you can get
By having material wealth.

Sometimes you have to hurt
before you begin to learn.

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