Not Penny’s Boat

Last night’s episode of Lost was groundbreaking. Since this captivating show about a diverse and emotionally damaged group of plane crash survivors living on a mysterious island, never has there been an episode of such depth. Over the last two seasons, Desmond Hume has been a complicated and engaging character. Although he has added a lot to the show, with this episode there is no question that Desmond must survive the remainder of Lost to continue delivering the audience his great personality, curious powers, and a love story for the ages.

From the first time we saw the feisty, gun-wielding Brit affectionately referred to as “Dez” by his close friends, the audience couldn’t help but fall in love. His trademark use of the word “brotha”, sense of naiveté, and urge to always help a friend in need made Desmond one of the most endearing, and relatable characters on the Lost island. One of Desmond’s first actions after leaving his previous dwelling on the island and taking up with the plane crash survivors is to erect a lightning rod during a storm to protect a pregnant woman. As evident by previous episodes, the survivors’ current situation suggests a certain survival of the fittest mentality, and Desmond disregards his own personal safety for that of people he barely even knows, adding humanity to a sometimes brutal situation.

Another reason Desmond is a key character is the special powers he appears to possess. At the end of season two, there is a very large electromagnetic blast that Desmond finds himself right in the middle of. As we have seen before, high levels of electromagnetic radiation can and have killed people on the island. Instead of death, however, Desmond finds himself flashing through time. He is able to experience, and even alter the past to find a way to end the flashes. This radiation seemed to have another effect also. A few episodes of Lost later, Desmond begins to have visions of one of his friends, Charlie Pace, in danger. Although it is eventually Charlie’s fate to die on the island, Desmond uses these warnings to try and save his life, resulting in Charlie being able to live just a little longer.

Finally, Desmond needs to survive the show because of the love of his life, Penny. Throughout the last few seasons, characters consistently find and lose love on the island. But Desmond and Penny’s story goes deeper than that. They were in love many years before Desmond’s life on the island, and they faced many obstacles preventing them from being together. Obstacles such as money, time, and disapproving family members kept them apart. Finally, Desmond went on a desperate boat race around the world to secure Penny’s love once and for all. But when his boat The Elizabeth ran aground, Penny knew she had to do everything she could to find him. After years of research on her part, and desperate escape plans on his, Desmond and Penny finally made contact via a phone call on Christmas Eve 2004, in the last few minutes of this episode. A tear-inducing moment for Lost fans of the world, as the two promised they would find each other no matter the cost. On-island relationships have ended abruptly in the past, but fans deserve to see this one survive and know that love still exists in the Lost world.

There are many things about Lost that make it such a special and well liked show, but Desmond Hume is a character that brings his personality, unique traits, and hope to more than just the island’s inhabitants. Many characters unfortunately will not make it to the conclusion of this epic journey, but Desmond is one that will no doubt be there till the end.

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